PhD Opportunities

Are you interested in applying for a PhD under my supervision? Please read the following carefully!

Before you submit your application via the RMIT Process, you will need first to identify a potential supervisor.

If you are interested in my supervision you must do the following:

1) First of all, familiarize yourself with the DR221 PhD (Computer Science) program at RMIT and make sure you meet the Entry Requirements for the program.

2) Then, check my areas of work and publications and find a common interest. If you are not interested in the same areas, it means you need to look for some other staff in the school.

3) Contact me with the following information via email:

  • The area that you would like to pursue a PhD under my supervision (e.g., Modelling agent systems, Agent programming, Agent Software Engineering, etc)
  • Please detail what experience you have on them, if any.
  • If you have publications already, send me the one you consider to be your best, including the venue it was published in.
  • Select 2-3 papers of mine that got your attention that you would be interested in working around. Please explain what you liked about those papers and what can be improved or studied further.
  • A title and a brief description of a problem/project you would like to work on.

4) If we agree on a possible topic, then your next step is to develop a 1-2 page research proposal describing a potential research project (including aims, methodology, expected outcomes, etc).

5) Once you have your proposal written, you can send it to me and we can discuss it.

  • While the proposal is part of the application, it is not a “contract” with the supervisor.
  • Do not put down my name before following all the above steps and I have agreed to the proposal.

Once you have the above (potential supervisor and a research proposal), you can then submit your application via the RMIT process at:

Regarding funding available for your program you can search the RMIT site to find the webpages for these scholarships: